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303 Weddings was recommended to us by a friend. They had never used the services, but, knew of them. Supposed to be the one stop shop for Wedding receptions. The bride Googled this company before we hired them. There were not any good reviews, but, thought we would be able to work with them because we have catering experience. Groom went to 2 tastings and stated that was the worst food he had ever had! So we chose not to use them for the food. hired someone else to cater the food. Chose to use 303 Weddings for the DJ, Photographer, linens and china and rental property to stay in. Everything we had read online in the reviews was true! We tried to contact them several times to set up the food tasting. After 3 weeks, we finally got a response. Then we tried to set up the DJ and Photograher. Eventually had to threaten to use someone else and we got a response from the Photographer. Susan, the Photographer was a breath of fresh air. Sent several emails and called several times over the following months to work with Mike. He didn’t respond to our emails. Didn’t respond to our phone calls. Very frustrating to work with, to say the least. Very unprofessional! Then needed to rent his ‘rental house’ because of unforseen obstacles………DO NOT RENT THIS PROPERTY!!!!! When we arrived at the ‘rental house’, Mike took us on a tour. My husband looked at me and asked if I was kidding! The house was a mess! It was filthy! We had no choice but to stay there because of the situation we were in with our out of town guests arriving the next day. Mike didn’t even bother cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, floors, patio outside had 1 in. of mud on it. Grills were not clean or in working condition. So, we bought cleaning supplies and cleaned the property ourselves. After 8 hrs. of cleaning, we were ok. Mike had stated that on the Fri. we were arriving, in the morning, they would be moving some things around. It would be ready for our arrival in early afternoon…..well……..because of this ‘moving things around’, the house did not get cleaned. There had been people storing their stuff in the house, so this is what got moved out and other stuff moved in. This should of been done days before we arrived, so that the property was clean upon our arrival. I have never rented a property that was sooo dirty. While my husband is cleaning the patio and grill so they were usable, and these people are removing furniture out, they told my husband to run and not stay! They stated that Mike was the worst person they had ever dealt with. Did not uphold things he said and changed things are they went………thus, them moving out. Mike also stated that there would be a person living in a part of the house separate from us, the caretaker. Mike stated that he would not bother us. Well, the very 1st morning we were there, I got up at 6 am with my Grandson, walked out to the kitchen and there was the guy………..IN OUR KITCHEN! I asked him if I could help him and he was just switching out the coffee maker. Taking his and leaving us another one….. He ended up doing this several times for different reasons. The house can not be locked. No doors can be locked! The caretaker ended up leaving a day before we did. He had had enough of Mike also, he stated to us! Needless to say, we only stayed 4 nights in the house and once most of our guests left, we went to a hotel! We decided to use 303 Weddings for the rental of the linens and china. I sent several emails with what we needed and wanted. When we arrived at the ‘rental house’, I asked Mike if he had received my latest email with our request for the linens and china. He had never responded, so I needed to know. I had also sent this email to his assistants. Mike stated that ‘yes, he had received our requests and everything would be there for us’. He then told my husband that there would be a minivan at the Evergreen Lakehouse parking lot with the key in it, for the caterers to back up the van and get the rentals. We informed our caterers of this. Once they had gotten the van and backed it up and opened up the van, they were apalled at the state that our plates, silverware, glassware and lines were in. All of the plates, silverware and glassware needed to be washed. The linens were wet and wrinkled. The catering staff showed me all of this and then took me out to see the state of the van it was all transported in and stored in overnight! I was apalled! There was garbage all over this van! The plates, etc. should of been plastic wrapped to keep them clean, but, they were not. The linens were wet and wrinkled! Then to top it off, we did not have half of what we had ordered! I called Mike and asked him about all of this. He stated that he did not have what we wanted and just sent what he thought we would need!!! We had requested beer glasses, wine glasses and water glasses. We received wine glasses and only enough to be used for water glasses. Now, we had no glassware for the bar!! We had to send someone out to buy them because Mike stated that he did not have time…………..So, the bar opened 1 hr late! The catering staff had to hand wash all of the other things and then they showed me the linens…………..we didn’t have anything else, so we had to use them……….wet, wrinkled tablecloths on the tables where the guests were to sit and eat……….I was sooooo embarrassed! I am going to state here that I have 20 yrs. of catering experience. I have never seen such disorganization within a catering company! I am also going to mention that we only received 1 fork and 1 knife per person. No spoon…………no salad fork…….no dessert fork……………That is just unacceptable to me!!!!! Mike was aware of what was needed, just decided to only put on what he thought……………. Now the DJ……..As stated above, I have 20 yrs. of catering experience. I have worked with some DJ’s, alot of DJ’s! This guy argued with the bride that day. She wanted things done her way and he told her that her way sucked. He was not going to do what she was asking of him. She wanted a song played all the way thru for their entrance to the reception. The whole song. He told her he wasn’t going to do it and did it his way. He was doing all things his way and not the way the bride wanted it done. Didn’t we hire him and have several discussions with him about how we wanted it done? Didn’t we fill out a form for all of this??? Now, to top it all off…………Mike with held my daughters wedding pictures from her because we refused to pay him all of the money owed for the rentals of the china and linens. I would never recommend 303 weddings to anyone! Mike Klein does not pay attention to details and is not a clean person!!!!!!! Renting a house that is not clean! Renting china and linens that are substandard! RUN AWAY! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD!!!!!!

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