3 weeks deit plan Whitby Ontario Review


Brain flatt’s rip me off, he’s the owner for 3 weeks deit plan, I order the book didn’t know if was off, I taught I was going to get it in the mail. When I pay for it it download to my phone, there’s no space on my phone for it, so I contac brain about it, and let him know I want my money back, he told me 5- 10 business day I will get my money back in my account, now it’s a months and 3 weeks and I still haven’t recieve my money back, I email him so many times, he respond back to my emails sometimes saying he’s sorry and he will makesute the money goes in my account, he said that to me couple of time when I told him I’m going file a Ripoff Scams if I don’t get my money back, I have been emailing him for a week and couple day and he’s not responding to my email. The contact number he have on he’s wensite doesnt work, the address is fake. And hes a well known guys, but he’s a scammer as well, because I feel scammed racquel whitby canada

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