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Complaint: I decided to give 25dates a try because I needed a way to meet new people and in hopes of making a new friend or even a partner. I begin with Dave and Busters. Their online posting indicated that I would meet up to 15 people. I was not sure if the event would continue to run since bad weather expected to happen that day. I emailed them once before I left home for the day to find out if the event continued. I had no email access while I was out, so I attempted to call them 2x, and both times I had an answering machine. I can’t accept incoming phone calls because I had limited cash on it and my phone number is long distance relative to Oakville. I took a hunch and attended the event (thank god they didn’t suddenly cancel while I was out) and after the event was over, the outdoor grounds were covered in ice! After the night was over, I said yes to only two people and got zero matches. That night I wasn’t surprised. The next event I attended was at the Distillery in Toronto. The numbers were more accurate this time. 25 of 25 people. After going through the people, I could swear that I had ONE mutual match just by the way the girl was visually reacting to me while I was talking to her, but once again, I’m told I had no match. After losing $33 with tax (group-on price) for talking to 33 women for a brief amount of time and getting zero matches, you’d think I’d get some kind of extra stats for free. The only offering they had available was “popularity stats”” where I know average picks and how many people pick me

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Address: but they would charge $9 (with tax). I then asked them if they can tell me from the last event (of 25 girls) if at least ONE girl that I said NO to has said yes to me

Website: especially when you don’t know if ANYONE has said yes to you without paying (unless the match is mutual)

Phone: and they told me the only way I get an answer to that is to order the “”popularity stats”” package. That’s unfair

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