1motorcycletrailers.com ,americasbesttrailers.com, thebestmotorcycletrailers.com , 1motorcycletrailers.com. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!! Save Your Money!! Greenville, South Carolina!!. Well lets start when the trailer was two months late on shipping!! Tried to contact Jason and Mary several times and all I got was voice mail and answering service. Got an email that trailer was shipping and what a happy day!! Email stated that they were sorry for the delay and several EXTRAS would be in trailer. 7 days later trailer arrives at my door wrapped in plastic on a pallet with damage on rear and sides. Filed a claim with trucking company and claim was refused due to shipper was responsable for packaging. Tried to email and call for next 10 days, while waiting for return call started to look at this wreck alittle closer as I might have to keep this thing. NO air suspension as advertised on ebay, lid will not seal, cover for cooler not installed and no parts to install if I wanted to!, overspray all over taillights and chrome strips,no top rack like I ordered,lock will not work, paint job was a mess, trailer not wired correctly, when plug lights in all lights were on, could not tell when brakes or turn signals were in use. Carpet was damaged and dirty. So get a call from these fine business people and they told me because I took delivery of this wreck it was mine but they would give me 300.00 back. Sent pics of all problems to them with no response.Now I am several weeks away from a trip that I need this trailer for. I bite the bullet and start working on this thing. New wheel bearings due to the ones they install are not sealed and water and dirt will get in wheels, repaired lid and installed new weather strip, new lock and latch that work, rewired correctly, installed cooler after buying parts, touch up damaged areas and repaint. Now off on trip. All went well til we hit a hard bump and left shock broke and now wheel is leaning in but still towing fine. While on trip found a set of air shock and installed on trailer for trip home and all was great. Wish I would have saved my money and bought a good trailer! These poeple need to be taken to court and put out of business!!

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