1881.com Investments – Don’t Put a Deposit Down

First of all, the people that work here are a pain to work with. They act as though they are far more intelligent than you and make snide comments. We would have never signed a contract with them in the first place if we had experienced this in the beginning.They clearly thought that we were oblivious to the process of investing and buying a house because they tried to pull the wool over our eyes and charge us far more than the house was worth, an outrageous processing and title fee, and $3,000 deposit. | To top things off their contract was pathetic. We had our lawyer go over it and it was basically made to screw people out of their money. We refused to sign the contract and went elsewhere, but they kept our deposit. The gentleman that we worked with said it was his “hard earned” money. | Avoid doing business with these people. Their company name sounds cheap and their website looks like a 4th grader made it anyway.

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