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Complaint: Starting with what first happened to me. I placed a order with 1800toolrepair after searching for my parts and not finding them any where in-stock but 1800ToolRepair. Yeah it was to good to be true. After almost 3 months of no parts and no responce to the many inquaries into my order with the company, I started digging in to finding my own answers and MAN did I find them. My order was for almost $700 on my company account to repair some Dewalt equipment we use. I was able to get a email back from 1800ToolRepair saying that my parts were on back order and they would be sent to me when they became available, this was FAR from the truth. I spoke with a Dewalt service center about the parts that I had ordered and they had plenty of them in-stock and I walked out with them in hand. They also proceeded to tell me that they had almost 100 of them in the USA and they have been in-stock for many months. This as you can see raised many more flags. 2 more phone calls and putting a little pressure on Natalie I find out that Dewalt had placed 1800ToolRepair on credit hold. Yes that is right THIS COMPANY TOOK MY MONEY at the point of order so they could order my parts from Dewalt, but apperantly per 1800ToolRepair employee’s they were behind on paying there vendors and they used the money they took from me to pay down their debt before they could order any more parts. So, in short your not spending money for your parts order YOU ARE SPENDING YOUR MONEY TO PAY DEBT they owe before they can ever order your parts. Luckly 1800ToolRepair does not employee the brightest people and I was able to find out the name of the guy handling the purchasing for 1800ToolRepair, after learing this I made a few more inquiries about the cmpany. It seems that going credit hold with vendors is the normal SOP and they have numerous BBB complaints. The sad part is that they also have a Ebay store that receives negetive feedback on a regular basis as well. This place is scary and will steal, lie and cheat you anyway they can. Just wish I knew the WHY

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: 707 west main st hendersonville, Tennessee USA

Website: 1800toolrepair.com/


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By Ronald

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