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The following is a summary of my online purchasing experience with 1800buys: n1. I purchased a queen bedroom set on 7/22. I was given a delivery date of 7/31 between the hours of 2-7pm. The items never arrived. n2. 1800buys refused to give me any information regarding what happened or when I would receive the delivery until 8/3. While Alex Collado from 1800buys stayed in constant communication with me-he was purposely evasive and misleading about the status of my order. 1800buys told me in writing that they would be refunding me the cost of the shipping. n3. Once I was provided with a tracking number on 8/3 (which showed a delivery date of 8/16) I told Alex that I did not want to wait that long for my items (that I paid for in full) to arrive. He assured me, in writing, numerous times that the date given was only an estimate and that the furniture would arrive much, much sooner. n4. As time went on, the date on the tracking number did not change. I contacted Alex and threatened to cancel my order and report the business as fraudulent. Alex took the time to call me and said “I am not supposed to tell you this-but 1800buys will be paying for this order in full because of all the problems we have had. We want to keep you as a customer and do not want to be reported”” I was shocked at this offer but gladly accepted and proceeded to email Alex

thanking him for doing the right thing and that I would be a returning customer. n5. The order did not arrive until 6:30 am on 8/17. n6. I did not get a chance to open the boxes until 8/19 because I had to leave for work. Once I did

I noticed that a support brace for one of the drawers on the dresser was broken and that the nightstand was missing hardware. I immediately took pictures and sent them to Alex-who responded and said his manager would be in touch with me that day. I did not hear from George until 8/22. n7. Alex


and management have denied Alex’s offer to pay for the entire purchase. I received an email from management on 8/23 stating that they did not believe that Alex made such a promise and that they would credit the cost of shipping and replaced the damaged items. n8. It is 8/29-nearly two weeks since I finally received the furniture and noted that it was damaged. I have yet to be contacted regarding the replacement and when it is coming. In addition

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