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After contacting 1800 get slim, i attended a large group appointment where i was seen by a physician, psychiatrist, as well as a plastic surgeon. I provided them with insurance information and stressed the fact that i did not want to proceed unless authorization by my insurance company was definite.I had been down this road before with getting all the tests done and insurance not authorizing it. Annette, the representative assured me they would get authorization with no problem, and not to worry, she assured me. I was assured that it was. After this visit, i was given an appt to go have further tests, blood work, and other necessary precedures before the lap band surgery. This was done in large groups, herded into a hallway, and waited over four hours to get blood work and an endoscopy done. At one point i was left in a room for over an hour, and when a nurse came in she had me mixed up with someone else. Although intimidated i finished up the tests. Was told I would hear from them to schedule my surgery in a week. Needless to say week, after week went by, i had left several messages to no avail…….I contacted my insurance company in the meantime to find that no preauthorization had ever been submitted and that my policy has a specific policy on any type of gastric surgeries.were not covered, s, i continued to call all of theri offices, finally, i asked to speak with someone regarding the results of my endoscopy and was told that someone should have called becasue their was a problem with my stomach and treatment was required.This came from someone in their billing dept. , of course, the call never cam, so i went to see my primary care physician. I had H pylori, and they never even contacted me. Over the course of the next two months i continued to call and talk to someone, always being told i would get a return call. To this date, i never received a call about the test results, or anything else for that matter, recently i received several bills totallying over 30,000 dollars for their tests.My insurance will not pay them. I still can not get a return call from 1800-get-slim. Recently i ran into someone who had the same experience with this same office.

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