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Mary Willie


I am an Avon Representative and this Mary Willie sent me a check that was invalid of $1,510.00 and now i have to pay for these money. The BB&T just gave me a call this day 09/06/13 and letting me know that I was Just scammed with these lady. Please help me get her.. I demand Get my money back. Stay away #Mary Willie # This review (Mary Willie) was originally published at Skeptic Files. To read... Review


I am a retired school teacher with a strength in the English language. PIGU advertised that they were looking for editors to proofread corespondences to English-speaking countries. PIGU advertises itself as a world-wide online auction company. I did 5 days' work for them (aproximately 25 hours). Then I lost contact with them, and I have not been paid. Yes, I've been scammed! However, I don't...

CashFlowExperts.Biz Review


On or about june 16 2015 i responded to an email from tom kish about triple crown funding. in his offering he showed you that only 50 free nevada corporations were available. if you purcased one for 139.00 plus shipping additiona 8.50 you would get a free nevada corporation complete with books and seal formed by him you would pay the filing fees for nevada, second he promised a guarantee 25,000...

Cobblestone Communities


On Several occasions I had clients reporting to me that they had applied for a mobile home in the Sun Valley Estates 55+ Mobile Home Park. Each time those clients very strongly felt that they were discriminated against and profiled. Upon review of Florida Statute 723.061 that has a small section in there regarding grounds to be denied an initial application is if that person or person(s) poses a...

El Dorado Inn Review


I have been renting from the el dorado for almost a year. I have never been late because the managers that were working there understood that I pay Friday after work. Recently I had an issue because the main employees quit. The new manager came and knocked while I was at work, my son and his father were there she says she needs me to pay rent immediately and also she would need to inspect the...


I paid these people to expunge my felony criminal record and paid them 50 dollars a month and also sent them the legal paper work. I paid these people the full amount they asked for and then they disappear and said they were no longer in business so I have tried numerous times to contact them by email and nobody replies.. I demand Refund or complete the job they were paid to do. No comments # #...

Educational Testing Service [ETS] Complaint


Additional score receipt I have made a payment of $135 for sending gre scores to 5 universities to ets. The refernce code of the payment is 113268, although after making the payment I didnot receive a receipt for the transaction on my gmail id ([protected] Payment has been made and it is not reflecting on my gre account, kindly look into the issue asap. Thanks Jigyasa +[protected]...

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence Complaint


American Board for Certification of Teachers Excellence does not abide by the equal employment law at the workplace. Staff members and or contractors are abused, mistreated and discriminated. Teachers are also scammed for their money, there is poor customer service as no one responds to our requests. ABCTE is a joke and a scam. Stay away from it. This review (American Board for Certification of...

He’Art of Rescue Review


This "rescue" asks people to join their team but rarely responds to people offering to adopt their pets or offering help (except when it's money). It's hard to get a grip of them because they rarely respond to e-mails or offers for help/volunteering/adoptions. They have posted the same animal pictures for donations in the same or different countries. Changed the name of the animals. Pretended...

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