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UKinvest review – 5 things you should know about


UKinvest, or as they also call themselves United Kingdom Investments, is an exposed scam, and we are going to discuss which authority blacklisted the broker in the following text. The warning aside, UKinvest claims to provide the safest place where people can buy and sell any stock that they want. Needless to say, the broker apparently creates a false sense of security and hope, which is typical...

Invxsler review – 5 things you should know about


Invxsler, the broker with an unspeakable name, falsely claims to offer the best Bitcoin trading platform for non-stop profits, thus creating a false sense of hope. First of all, it comes with a primitive web-based platform lacking in functionality and then we need to warn people that there is no such thing as “non-stop profits” in retail trading. Also, the broker purely speculates...

HyperTech launches HyperMining Ponzi scheme


In what appears to be an effort to keep its HyperFund Ponzi afloat, HyperTech is now soliciting investment into mining contracts. HyperMining was revealed last month by HyperFund CEO Jayden Wei. Wei (right) is one of HyperTech owner Ryan Xu’s blockchain bros. Wei is purportedly based out of Australia but also travels to Dubai, the [Continue reading...] Source: HyperTech launches HyperMining Ponzi...

Learn Build Lead pyramid scheme collapses, website gone


Learn Build Lead appears to have collapsed. At the time of publication the company’s website is not accessible. Learn Build Lead surfaced early last year as a continuation of the collapsed LEO pyramid then Ponzi scheme. Learn Build Lead departed from LEO’s Ponzi reboot, returning to the original pyramid recruitment model. LEO was run by [Continue reading...] Source: Learn Build Lead pyramid...

TriumphFX run by Singaporean scammer Hermes Leong


Although it appears to be a Malaysian MLM company primarily being promoted to Malaysians, breadcrumbs suggest TriumphFX might be the work of Singaporean scammers. Earlier today, a BehindMLM reader pointed me to a Singapore Securities and Futures Commission warning against Triumph Global (Asia) Limited, also known as TFX Global. The SFC’s warning was issued back [Continue reading...] Source:...

I Fund Tradings review – 5 things you should know about


Most times when a broker openly claims to be an awarded company and brags with these awards extensively know that it is deceiving you. I Fund Tradings is very good at this. It took us a while to pull a verdict. Usually, our rule is as follows: the longer it takes to decipher a broker, the better it is at the art of deception (unless it is regulated, obviously). This broker presents a very...

HyperFund appoints Compliance Officer to bury securities fraud


A marketing video reveals the appointment of Helen Hope as HyperFund’s Compliance Officer. As opposed to registering HyperFund with the SEC and providing audited financial reports, Hope’s job is to bury evidence of securities fraud. Hope’s appointment was made public in a Q&A video hosted by HyperFund investor Albert ‘Alby’ Koster (right). Early on in [Continue reading...] Source: HyperFund... review – 5 things you should know about

S should be taken with a grain of salt. This broker seems alight at first sight, but honestly, would we be doing our job if we judged it solely based on looks? Brokers like this one rely mainly on their visual aspects and nothing more. It may seem clean, but in reality it isn’t. Everything is a face, a very well crafted alluring device that probably does its job pretty...

QAtrade review – 5 things you should know about


QAtrade opens in perhaps the most cliched of ways: with a very beautiful view of the New York skyline during a rising sun. Nothing on the website can quite live up to this preliminary visual aspect, but QAtrade doesn’t need to, for this broker, in spite of certain downsides, is in fact regulated. But we still urge readers to go through the review to find out for themselves if QAtrade is...

BTCADA Global review – 5 things you should know about


BTCADA Global, Btcadafx or BTCADA Forex, it doesn’t matter as we are dealing with scammers. The group has created numerous swindling websites, and we already reviewed one of their fraudulent projects. This entity is a dangerous scam as the same fraudsters already conned a number of people. For practical purposes, this one will be called BTCADA Global, and we’ll reveal what you need to...

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