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I received a post card in the mail stating I need to call a number about my recently closed mortgage which included a mortgage number. I have never taken out a mortgage on my home. There is no return address.

Suzie Lyons Ellensburg Washington


Complaint: Rental Verified scam, listing on craigs list for an appartment listing. here is the listing E-mail me today at thurstanmarchesi @ for your very own walk thru.Leasing 2 bed 2.5 bath property promptly. Appealing offer and home that includes every thing you want. – Awaiting your arrival – Just a couple blocks away from schools, coffee shops, and public transportation...

Certified Celebrity Bookings Review


Mike Green took a $6000 deposit from myself for a booking… the booking never happened and then he spent my money and never returned it. He told me time and time again he would repay me for over 6 months and never did. I then had white collar crimes unit from our city Police get a warrant and arrest him. He is currently in jail awaiting a preliminary trial. —– Name: Certified...

Scorsetti Design Review


After Angeles already had project approved with her client and sold the job. Angeles gave my tean deposit to make and install custom drapery for her client. We also sold her all the hardware and motorized tracking systems. This was included in the original estimate with no questions asked at the time. Three months into the job, She gets it into her head that the cost for the motorized tracks was...

Stainfield Jobs Inc Review


Received an email from Marrie Harris at Stainfield Jobs Inc on Monday, October 2, 2017 with a job offer, I knew I had not applied at this company or for this position as I have never heard of them, I played dumb and asked what job it was for, she sent me a job description and said the position was mine. The job description was very vague with no office location and it paid $5000 a month. I looked...

Rama Deals Review


Internet advertisement for an electric car blanket. Ordered it on Dec 15,2016 for a christmas gift. Contacted them in January by emai asking where my product is. Said it was being shipped soon. Nothing as of now feb 9 2017. Paid by credit card and of course they already have their money. Contacted them again asking to cancel my order and give me a refund. No response from them at all. Complete...

Bidz McKinney Texas Review

B JUST GLASS After ordering this glass I researched and found very unhappy people like myself who was ripped off also. nI contacted their online customer service and followed instructions on how to get refund. They then cancelled my account and I cannot view activity on their part as promised. nI know they will not refund my money buy, I will see wheat VISA and my bank will do. Just...

Slimera Garcinia Cambogia Review


After you order, you’re forced into a second product which you have no choice out of charged shipping out of it that’s not advertised in the 4.95 free trial. Then you’re chard $3 each 2 days later for more shipping even when you deny the shipping protection. You have 14 days to cancel and they won’t let you cancel once you receive spoke to 2 reps asked for manager told... Review


According to my notes, this individual contacted me via email to ask that I write his resume. Also according to my notes, after reading his initial emails, it was my opinion at that time that he appeared to be belligerent, antagonistic, disrespectful, incoherent, and potentially dangerous. Certainly a far cry from my typical polite, courteous new customer! (I have over 500 “5 Star” reviews on... South Florida Florida Review


SCAM SCAM SCAM, I tried to buy a Sony DSC-W200 for a great deal. I saw online warnings about, but I thought I could beat the SCAM! But, I learned my lesson the hard way!! Big Scam, very well planned one. This is how their SCAM works; You WILL order a very cheap camera, then you will have to call them to confirm your addrs and credit card info, then the scam start!! They try to use...

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